Five of Swords

 When I wanted to name my blog a month ago, I randomly picked this card and it guided me to the words “A Place To Dock”. I had several posts online, but deleted them, due to considering privacy. However, I am led again to renew my interest in blogging. And, as I begin to put up my first post, I wanted to chose a card from Isha Lerner. And guess what!! Synchronicity shines again. No kidding!! I pulled this same very card, Five of Swords. So here it is. My first post, of round 2. ☺

Five of SwordsFive of Swords

In the Five of Swords, the river raft of the Four of Swords finds            a place to dock, and the fishing rod or sword is secured in the sand. The boy leaves the raft behind and begins to explore a variety of uncovered truths that are awaiting him. He gazes at a starfish, which reveals the potential of his creative mind.

In numerology, the number 5 is connected with freedom, adventure, and unexpected changes on the path of life. The seals on the shore symbolize the emergence of unseen life forces coming to the boy. His awareness is fresh as he discovers new ideas.

Most exciting is the realization that clarity is brilliantly emerging like the bright sun in the sky behind him. As you venture from your raft of the past, be aware of the truth and freedom that await you. Freedom misused can be confusing and chaotic.

Be thoughtful and discriminating as you gather resources and information. Know your boundaries-the lessons of the raft. Clarify your goals. The boy is on a slippery rock, and he must move carefully to stay surefooted.

Anticipate illuminating insights from places deep within you. This is a creative and purposeful time. Most importantly, focus your attention and thoughts.