Ten of Crystals

Ten of Crystals

Christmas Day carries the potential for great joy and expectations. Dreams may come true, and the rekindling of family ties and friendly sharings brings warmth and love into the home. In this card, all of the stockings have been filled and a tiny one is being hung to celebrate the birth of the baby gnome. Papa gnome lights the yule log to promote the light and joy of this family and community gathering. All of the gifts have been opened, and the children gaze in delight at the treasures they have received. The girl gnome sits on a rainbow carpet while she looks at a wondrous crystal. The day is bright, the Sun is high, and the family rejoices. Let the scene in the Ten of Crystals warm your heart.

Ten of Cups

Celebrations and festivals of all traditions bring people together. They instill a special feeling of gratitude that comes from the desire to be universally connected and loved.

Open to the gifts that life has in store for you. You may want to reacquaint yourself with ancient rituals and blessings that can spark new fires in your creative imagination. Your healing prayers and thoughts can uplift many people around the globe. Remember to aid the disadvantaged and homeless, who may be downcast and in need of a helping hand.

Be thankful for all the blessings offered to you by angels, invisible helpers, and higher teachers throughout your lifetime.