Six of Crystals

Six of Crystals     Six of Crystals

The six gnomes in this card have set out together to accomplish a great goal-to reach the top of a mountain. One gnome has reached the summit. Awaiting him is the vision of a radiant snowflake, a six-pointed marvel of nature.

The six-pointed star or hexagram is also called \the flower of Aphrodite,\ \the Star of David,\ and \the Seal of Solomon.\ In Pythagorean mathematics, the number 6 is considered the only \perfect\ number between one and ten. It signifies divine wisdom, harmony, equilibrium, and balance between the feminine and masculine dimensions of consciousness.

There is a sense of ecstasy in this card because of the ultimate success it portrays. Group work, perseverance, loyalty, and goal orientation are key components as one seeks to reach seemingly impossible heights.

The number 6 can refer to peak experiences. It is usually expansive and positive in nature. When you receive the Six of Crystals, it is a sign to redouble your efforts to achieve important goals. The climb may be steep, but the rewards will be plentiful.

Remember to honor the process and have faith in yourself. If your work is humble and carries a purpose beyond yourself, you may expect great fulfillment and happiness in the years to come. On an elevated level, this card depicts global service and the ideal of world harmony, symbolized by the beautiful snowflake.