Ace of Wands

Ace of WandsAce of Wands

In this card, a magnificent soul potential in the form of a butterfly is being unveiled by two fairies. In Welsh mythology, fairies were known as the mothers or the helpers. These fairies are liberating the spiritual quality of humanity, There is a connection between the soul and the butterfly in Greek mythology. This stems from the belief that the human soul becomes a butterfly while searching for a new incarnation.


The process of transformation is extremely powerful in our lives as we search for a broad understanding of the future and a gentle surrender to the past. As we emerge from old wounds, we take on new colors and wear new wings of hope-much like the butterfly miraculously, unspiraling from the dark cocoon.


This butterfly is released into the light and is offered new conscious awareness. This may very well be happening in your life right now. The butterfly is an essential emblem of love, suggesting, in China, a wedding of souls. This winged gift is a reminder today that love, soul unity, and art are fluttering into your life.


An inspired rebirth is taking place. It is time to reveal your true colors. The flight has begun.