Weekly Reading ~ September 8 to 14, 2014

This week, Ari uses two cards for each day of the week, from the Conscious Spirit Oracle, and the Crystal Visions Tarot.

Tarot ~  Queen of Wands


We start the week with an injection of energy.  The lion indicates strength and the eagle is about flying high,  So now you should feel that today is finding increased energy about projects which are ahead of you.

Oracle~  Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental

Monday is a day for getting some grounding done as you anchor your energy for the great things which are about to come into your life.  We have the passion and we have the fertility!


Tarot ~  The Hanged Man


This is an interesting card for Tuesday.  In the card we see a man hanging from a tree with ribbons.  I am not sure if you can see this, but, He has his hand up to his face.  This card is about being blinded by information, or not being able to see things.  Are you someone who is analytical and wants things to follow a set path, or are you someone who is moving on by each day?  Do you feel that spirit maybe wanting to give you information, but, you can’t hear them?

Oracle ~  Spirit Awakens

Spirit awakens

This is an interesting card to support the last card.  Maybe you can’t see all that you desire to see due to you are still in the process of awakening.  The image shows us that there is information coming to us via the crown chakra.  Bear with this process.  🙂


Tarot ~  King of Swords


Wednesday is a day about wisdom.  This king is a king where he is guided by logic and is very down to earth.  Today is a day where you will find out a lot of things.  There is also the sun as well, so you are getting a lot of energy to carry out these things which you are being guided to do.

Oracle ~  Crystal Ascension

Crystal Ascension

This is an interesting card to get.  The tarot card is about being very analytical about things.  This card seems to contradict that card, or does it?  To have minerals and crystals in your environment is a good idea as it can be both healing and able to open you up to things energetically. This will in turn allow you to progress on your journey.


Tarot ~  Knight of Pentacles Reversed

p_knight rev

Today seems to be a day of being obsessive and being overly drawn to materialistic pursuits.  This is OK if it about gaining material gains related to your spiritual path  to pay the bills and to live.  No good if it is just for money.

Oracle ~  Sacred Space

Sacred space

You know I am going to say here don’t you?  Yep.  Get yourself out in nature to ground yourself and to get out of this materialistic world.  I am going to be slightly PC but those who charge a ridiculous amount of money for things just so they can get rich is not being advised today.  If you do try it, you may just end up being blocked or a “lesson” heading your way.


Tarot ~  The Magician


Today, we are more than likely looking at what makes us tick in our path.  Today is a “cooking” day, where you find out what works best for you.  When you have found your formula of life, then sent it out and yourselves, to gain the benefits!

Oracle ~  Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental

We start and finish the working week with the same oracle card.  As you can see in the card, there is a lot of roots and the figure in the card’s feet is roots.  One thing to have your formula in your mad scientist laboratory, it is quite the other to be grounded as well.  Do both the steps and it will be a lot easier to implement.


Tarot ~  Queen of Swords


We start the weekend where the change will start to happen.  This is the card of hope, yet you have to be realistic with things.  It is no good to be looking at things without being rational.  By that I mean having a Plan B, or a Plan C.

Oracle ~ Moon Goddess

Moon goddess

This will be an interesting card to pair with the Queen of Swords, Saturday is a very mind and psychic energy day.  As I believe it is a waning moon at this time, use this time to boot out the energy of things which do not work for you.  Work in tandem with the lunar energy.


Tarot ~  Six of Wands


We finish the week on a high.  This is the victory card,  You have found strength as the lion shows and you can be proud of what you have achieved this week.  Yeah, it is has been quite rough of late.

Oracle ~  Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation

A lot of passion, which is the wands suit, and this is saying, why don’t we use our bodies more for meditating or other things.  Maybe doing a walking meditation in the park, or spiritual dancing is in order.  Go on!  You’ve deserved it!!

Theme of the week:

Tarot ~  The Knight of Pentacles and the Hanged Man Reversed


hanged rev

These cards are interesting as they refer to stability and standing your ground.  Could it be after all this time, you have some much needed stability in your life?  The cards think so!  Yay yay yay!!

Oracle~  Earth Angel and Spark of Divine

Earth Angel  Spark of Divine

The oracle cards say that you are a special person energetically and therefore will be more aware of the earth energies about at the moment.  Those of you who have felt a bit blah!  This week is about reignition of your connection to the divine.  This will in turn open up your energy and allow you to hear the messages that you need at this time.

That concludes the reading for the week, next week, I will be using the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul deck.

Take care!!



Weekly Reading 8th – 14th September 2014