Guardian of Hearts ~ Gabrielle

Guardian of Hearts – GabrielleGuardian of Hearts - Gabrielle

Archangel Gabriel-who in this card receives a feminine expression as Gabrielle-is the chief revealer of divine mysteries to humanity. In this card, a rainbow-winged Gabrielle is the Guardian of Hearts. She is a golden-haired mermaid sounding the harmonious music that will bring seals and other sea creatures to the surface world. She carries the Holy Grail of universal love and human kindness.


When Gabrielle appears in your reading, hear the call to spiritual rebirth. Watch your dreams for inspiring symbols and stories that ask you to awaken to a higher life. Be compassionate to those individuals who seem most vulnerable and down on their luck. You can be a teacher whose words, songs, and gentle touch heal loved ones. Build a rainbow bridge of trust and understanding to your friends around the world.