Four of Cups: Boredom in a Loincloth?

four of cups The cosmic tarot


The Four of Cups shows a pasty young man who looks rather blase about everything. But he’s wearing a loincloth and he has a frickin’ horse! How on Earth can this little shit be bored?!

Anyway, you’re feeling rather dull today.

And just under the surface is this curious buzzing, this feeling of discontent that is gaining momentum and threatening to break free.

Boredom….the most dangerous thing in the world? It just might be.

The other day I was out for a walk and I came upon a little girl who was writing things in the street with chalk. In huge, bubbly letters was the word “POO” – scrawled right across the entire road.

“Did you write this?” I asked her.

She shrugged, smirked and said “I was bored.”

So let that be a lesson. We do odd things when we’re bored.

Whether it’s writing “POO” on the street, reading US Weekly magazine or organizing your cookbook collection, we all resort to horrific things when boredom strikes.

So this weekend, don’t just sit there. Tap into your boredom – because it’s masking something…something magnificent!

Posted on by Kate