Weekly Oracle Card Reading for November 9 to 16, 2014

Clouds Shapeshifting

Monday and Tuesday ~ CLOUDS ~ Shapeshifting

Be aware during this time, you may be required to protect your aura.

There may be a situation in which you may need to show a different persona to protect your inner treasures.

Winds may blow and change the circumstances, so this is a time to be both going with the flow and to be flexible.

And yet simultaneously also guarding the private seeds that are harboured in your heart for future growth.

We do not need to share all our cards with everyone. There is a time for revealing special shapes of ourselves.

As the wind changes, practice being flexible and become what your intuition is guiding for that moment.

Mountain Strength

Wednesday and Thursday ~ MOUNTAIN ~ Strength

Be resolute and hold on to your Inner Strength. Be firm and immovable; with impenetrable stature.

As you are quiet and resolute, many will be filled with awe and inspiration at the strength you have.

Both you and others are encouraged to reach greater heights. Be the rock of the strength you are capable of being.

Stand Steady and hold your ground.

Island  Solitude

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ ISLAND ~ Solitude

For the week end find the sense of peace and solitude. Make the time for your own nourishments.

Enjoy some time in an unstructured schedule, allowing the water of your emotions to flow through you.

Take note and observe the thoughts and emotions that pass through your thoughts.

Find and connect with who you really are. Enjoy the fertility within your Being.

Create in your own heart the joy and peace. This makes you firm and immovable.


This is interesting to look at all the cards together for this week. Each card has a mountain in it and Light is shining on each mountain.

What do mountains symbolize for you? Were they part of your childhood? Symbolizing great sense of security?

Or do the mountains in your life seem impossible to deal with. Take heart and realize that the winds of change will blow.

You can shapeshift like clouds around the mountains, and allow your emotions to flow like a river at the base of the mountains.

In making time to reflect, and in keeping connected to your thoughts and emotions, becoming conscious of your true feelings, enables you to do what needs to be done, to either overcome a situation, habit, or condition or to simply allow it to BE, and let go and TRUST.



All is well.

Iru Zora