Finish 2014 Strong

This is a tarot spread I just designed called an Alchemy Spread. 

What can I do to finish 2014 strong?

It is time to reap the rewards of the creative seeds I have sown. Let’s change the disappointments to absolute Joys!

What can I do to transmute things of little value into substance of great value for my journey and life purpose?

What creations of alchemy shall I manifest in my life?

What I can implement to reach my goals.

Will you join me? Grab your deck; Draw a card for each of these themes: 

  1. Aim for the Stars

  2. Cross the finish line

  3. Next chapter of your Life 

Here are my answers:

Ace of Swords

  1. Aim for the Stars

What creative aspects shall I develop in order to aim for the stars?

Ace of Swords:   You have the gift of thought. Use it rightly, to see the world clearly, to communicate well, and create a happy, healthy reality. Bravely set forth on your new idea. The ace of swords promises the clarity and guidance needed for your path that will be beneficial for your journey. Write!

Three of Wands

  1. Cross the finish line

What do I need to do to cross the finish line? What is the best way to accomplish my dreams and goals?

Three of Wands: The choice you have made is behind you; now all that is required is to wait for results with both patience and optimism. The outcome is assured! You will cross the finish line! Be confident for your next chapter will arrive very soon. As you wait, this is a good opportunity to master patience and self-control. Your ship is in the harbour, it won’t be much longer for the ship to dock.

Knight of Cups

  1. Next chapter of your Life

What can I look forward to in the next chapter of my life in 2015?

Knight of Cups: You are feeling very romantic. You are more interested in candles, decadent dinners, and lofty declaration of love than usual. Celebrating the beautiful and sensual experiences of life is just as necessary as any other experience. As well, messages of optimistic news are arriving expeditiously; it’s just what you have been waiting for! Cheers!


All is well.

Iru Zora