Weekly Reading November 17 to 23, 2014

Lotus Flower
Monday and Tuesday
Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment

Your spiritual growth is occurring in every moment, if you are aware of it or not.

Your soul is always reaching to the Light.

And in this picture, the Light is also like a Magnet! You send your love to the Great Central Sun,

And it returns Divine Love to you, to the depths of your soul.

You become nourished and your beauty brightens up someone else’s day!

 Iceberg Submerged

Wednesday and Thursday
Iceberg ~ Submerged

Just as an iceberg is 90% submerged, be aware of all that is hidden within you.

This is what keeps you either tippy or stable.

If we do not recognize the shadow aspects of ourselves, we may project them on to others.

Know what you need to change, to chip off, or melt away.

That which remains becomes like a perfected creation of your Inner Artist.

Is there a secret dream you wish to accomplish?

Now is a wonderful time to bring what is hidden to the light,

And beautify your Being, inside and out.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Desert ~ Vision Quest

Find your special place to be alone to meditate.

Go on your own Vision Quest. Is there a message coming to you?

The desert can surely be bleak, hot and dry.

Yet, with Spirit guiding you, you will find the little oasis to feed your soul.

Enjoy solitude.


Overall, it is interesting to look at the cards all together.

The Lotus, grows in such difficult situations. Then, here we are exposed to the freezing cold,

Then the hot, dry desert. Can there be such a drastic contrast?

In our lives, this week, we may see these extremes.

However, Let’s realize, that as we send our Love to our I AM Presence,

We shall indeed be enfolded with Divine Love which enables us to bring forth that which is hidden.

And also allows us to hear from Spirit that which is best for the next step of our journey of growth.


Orange Citrine ~ removes negative energy from our bodies and environment

Fuchsite ~ Teaches true self–worth, aids in improving interactions with other people, emotional tension

Carnelian ~ Increases your perceptiveness, creates inspiration to take action.