Weekly Reading November 24 to 30, 2014

Ten of Michael

Monday and Tuesday

Ten of Michael

Yes, finally!! The situation is now come to the conclusion! You feel you have been waiting for such a long time to see this change in your life. Now it is here! Do you feel sad? Or is that relief?   You have shown great diligence, and discipline, and you have reached the final accomplishment in your task. Now is the time to put the past behind you and look ahead. See what is next for you on the horizon. Free yourself from illusions that hold you back. There are new opportunities to follow. New dreams to dream! A brand new dawn awaits!

King of Raphael

Wednesday and Thursday

King of Raphael

Trust your creativity as you express your passions. You can accomplish great things at this time! Nurture yourself! Let your joyful emotions swirl around you, like the waves of the water splashing on a warm summer day. Wise and heart felt advice surrounds you,   Expect to meet someone you can trust who has an ambitious yet loving heart. Balance the feminine qualities of compassion with the masculine energies of discernment and action.   Consider how you can be loving and still draw boundaries. Walking meditations are good and will bring insight.

Two of Ariel

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Two of Ariel

There are many things on your plate at this point. Choose to focus on only two of the top tasks at hand. If you are working on your relationships, put your Sweetheart first. If you are focused on your finances, watch the bottom line. If you need to put more balance into your own health, make time to rest, and relax. Start where you are, and just move forward. Relax and enjoy with a playfulness in your heart as you take action.


Taking a step back to look at all three cards

This is surely a week of balance. The ballerina is in perfect poise, as her situation ends.   She looks down in completion, knowing her performance was tops! The King of Raphael sits balanced on the rocks as the water splashes about him. He remains strong and firm, without any hesitation of looking ahead to what is before him. Then the acrobat in the last card is in total balance of a whole world that seems upside down. He seems to close his eyes, and go by the “feel” of balance.


Enjoy your week ahead. As doors close, new opportunities will be revealed, just remain in balance, and in tune with your Inner Harmony. Keep an overall approach this week, one of “play”. Smile, you will make it through!



Iru Zora

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