Weekly Reading December 1 to 7, 2014

Full Moon Completion

Monday and Tuesday    Full Moon ~ Completion

When you look at this moon, a sense of awe and calm settles over you. Your tasks are complete!   Time to take a deep breathe and let it out slowly! Wow, it is done! Now is time to be content and satisfied with your accomplishments. Maintain a quiet balance even as you rejoice and celebrate with family and friends. If the world is bustling about around you, find your inner knowing that all is well. 

 New Moon

Wednesday and Thursday      New Moon ~ Promise

Right after a full moon, a New Moon makes its appearance!! Make sure you take time to bask in the glory on Monday and Tuesday, because the next project is on your door step. Put your full intention and willingness to succeed at what is before you now. What idea has been emerging in your desires. What would you like to accomplish next? Make yourself a promise, or commit to an accountability partner, that you will lay out your plan of action for your next dream. Focus on what you wish to happen. There will be fulfillment, a new day dawns!

 Lake Stillness

Friday, Saturday and Sunday       Lake ~ Stillness

Your mind may be spinning with all the new ideas for your new project. However, as the day dawns, this lake is calm, and there is quietness. Be still. Take time for yourself to incorporate all these ideas, and let them gel. It is critical to seek stillness. Relax your mind, heighten your awareness, immerse yourself in an early morning reverie.   The picture reveals that there is abundance around you, as the flowers and trees are brilliant in colour. Prepare for the next leg of your journey; welcome the coming day with grace and fluidity.   Imagine sitting and floating in that boat, your emotions are calm and you are One with spirit.



All is well,

Iru Zora