Weekly Reading December 15 to 21, 2014

Monday and Tuesday

John Holland Spiritual Union

Wednesday and Thursday

John Holland Conflict and Defeat

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

John Holland Transformation

After listening to many readings, and doing my own as well, and during the astrological changes,

We realize that we are connecting to our soul mates, and also those who are already on the other side of the veil.

This is a pivotal momentous time, and we need to have all Heaven’s help that we can to push through to the next level.

With the Conflict and Defeat card, my eyes are drawn to the three images moving upward. Yes, we actually may feel that things are pending and maybe we are feeling defeat, but realize we all are doing our best. We truly are moving up. We are climbing higher in our Inner Being. As well, this is shown by the Transformation card. We are taking off the mask, we are removing the ego, and becoming that Brand New Essence.

We are one, and even though we are working on our own selves, we are still working together for the Higher Good of All.

Congratulations!! We are making our mark!

Iru Zora