Weekly Reading December 29 to January 4, 2015

Father of Stones

Monday and Tuesday:  Nine of Stones

Reward and advancement come to you. It is a time of Joy and abundance, Monday and Tuesday will reveal good fortune and improved health coming across your path.  You will have a strong sense of security and material gain.   Enjoy your life with confidence, as you move forward with focus on your personal growth.

Wheel of Fortune

Wednesday and Thursday:  Wheel of Fortune

Ringing in the New Year is the wheel of fortune!!   A transition is unfolding which leads to a better phase or stage of life.  Things are going to be better!!  Expect a positive change in circumstances in your life.  Expect some good news!!  Your dreams are being realized.  This turn of events will direct your life in a new direction.  You will have a new prosperous new start!

Father of Stones

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Father of Stones:  Guardian

The Father of Stones represents the Guardian over our financial success.  He has reached the pinnacle of wealth and abundance . This Father takes financial security very serious.  He is self assured and has established wealth, security and social status.  He is a grounded practical leader and guardian.  With his intellect and ethical conscience, he knows how to provide and make any venture successful.  We have a Guardian watching over us, as the new day dawns.  He is our Quiet Helper!

Looking at the cards together, there is definitely a flow of abundance coming forth to provide for security. Chance brings an unfolding of prosperity so life can change for the better. The Material gain comes from all the stars lining up so to speak. There are many circumstances that need to dovetail and when they do, the path before us becomes clear. We walk into the dawn of a brighter day. Our path is free of obstacles, and we rejoice with nature and with friends who are with us on our journey.

Happy New Year!


Iru Zora