Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Just sharing!!  I am eager to receive my new Mystic Dreamer Tarot in the mail.  It was shipped today!!    Take a look! These are my first thoughts of these images from off the net.  Can’t wait to hold the cards, to get clear impressions!! 

Three of Cups

Just love this image.  What joy! Dancing with friends under a full moon!

Three of Cups

Eight of Wands

The girl shows she is “ready, on her marks, get set, GO!”  Lol.  Things will move quickly!  She is ready for change!

8 of wands

The High Priestess

Here the High Priestess not only holds the scroll, but also a candle signifying the Light within for intuition, as well as the Knowledge that is within the Akashic records.

High Priestess

Ace of Pentacles

The garden gate is open!  Is she entering to a new world?  Love the moon, the flowers, the stones and the butterflies.  Oh so many images that will reveal truths in readings. 

Ace of Pentacles

Just sharing my anticipation!


Iru Zora