Weekly Reading for Jan. 5 to 11, 2015

8 of CupsMonday and Tuesday ~ Eight of Cups

This card symbolizes the need to move on in your life. The need to move forward might be a physical relocation such as moving for a job or moving to a new home, or this may be an emotional shift. Either way, the message of the Eight of Cups should be honored. If your move is emotional, then set some healthy boundaries. Put the past behind you and go forward with determination to a better, happier, and healthier place. If you are physically moving, then go forward and enjoy the positive changes in your life.

10 of wands

Wednesday and Thursday ~ Ten of Wands

When the Ten of Wands appears in a reading, it is a heads-up that you have taken on too many things at the same time. Your routine and activities have become too much for you to man- age. While you may enjoy wearing many hats and having an active social life, currently you are feeling overwhelmed with the demands from work, family, and/or your coven members. The bundle of ten hawthorn wands in this particular card actually represents too much of a good thing. While your intentions may have been noble, there is an overabundance of creative energy, and you are being pulled in too many different directions. You will need to let something go. Set down some of those wands in order to complete your tasks and goals with grace. Learn to delegate in the business world, your personal life, and your coven or you will have trouble successfully completing your goals.

2 of Wand

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ Two of Wands

This card represents partial success. While others may think you hold the world in the palm of your hand, you may still feel like you are unsure of where to go next. Such scenarios occur when an unexpected promotion or career advancement leaves you feeling unsure of what to do next. There is a partial success, and you may feel like you are at the halfway point of your personal goals. There are choices and serious decisions to be made. But look around you—there is help, support, and advice from a mentor. Take their good advice, and enjoy this new business or career opportunity. Finally, this card can symbolize a successful business partnership.

Taking a look at the week as a whole, all of these people in the cards are releasing. They are all facing the other way! This message has been repeated for my readings lately. The Eight of Wands shows the girl walking away from past emotions, looking ahead towards the stars; perhaps she is dreaming of her hopes to fulfill her destiny. The Ten of Wands also reminds us to release, set down our burdens of added responsibilities that are hindering us from moving on our upward climb. And in the two of wands, the man looks out over the expanse, wondering what he will discover as he steps out of his comfort zone.

Have courage this week to walk away. Let the past stay in the past. It only adds to your burdens, and leaves you contemplating if you will ever move forward. Perhaps you need to make some plans, to let others take on some of your extra responsibilities. Once you release the past emotions, and the current responsibilities, you will be free to pursue your new adventures ~ where your heart really is aspiring to explore!


Iru Zora