Be Here for Greatness

Be Here for Greatness

Heavenletter #5160 Published on: January 10, 2015

God said:

Details have their place, yet, in life as a whole, details are not the most important focus. In fact, details mostly irk you because you gather around them. Someone didn’t make the bed right. Someone didn’t put the lid back on the peanut butter, or didn’t put it back on tightly enough. Someone left the light on, didn’t close the door, ate with his mouth open. It is too often the little annoyances that annoy you the most. Minor matters like to take over the stage. Most of your frustration comes from small matters that you let take over your time and heart. Much too much energy goes into details that ultimately don’t matter. These tiny annoyances add up. They surround you. They surmount you. You make much of them, as if life depends on the perfection of details. Meticulousness has its place, but not in most of life and not to the extent you allow. 

When you have a matter of real concern, what I am saying to you now comes close to home. The details of life aren’t worth the energy they consume. Sometimes details make you picky beyond reason.

Sure, you may be right in what you are saying. Of course, you are right that i’s must be dotted and t’s crossed. That is not the issue. The issue is what are you spending your life and time on? 

It is unlikely that you will find perfection in the world, beloveds. Your search for perfection is imperfect, for your mind will track the lack of perfection. You, yourself, will succeed in imperfection and fail in perfection. Better to be good-natured and not let the little things get to you. Letting the little things get to you makes you a snob and difficult for others, and, also, it makes life difficult for you. You are the imperfectionist. 

There is a vast horizon before you. Life offers more opportunity to you than nit-picking. There is no prize that comes with being the best nit-picker in the world.

I understand that where your attention goes seems to be out of your hands. At the same time, you can say to yourself: “Enough. Enough of that now.” When you are going to announce a flaw, you can announce something favorable or, according to the adage, say nothing at all.

 Owl Be Kind

When you have only a dollar to spend, you naturally take care on what you spend it on.

When it comes to life in the world, you have a short time to spend your Earth life on. Take care on how you spend it. Spend it on joy. Uplift where you can. Even uplift where it is difficult. You will be doing a good deed for someone else and for yourself and your environment.

There are habits in life, and you may have a habit of finding fault. You can change your habits, and this is one habit you want to change. 

It is not becoming for you to be ticked off with anyone. Shake off that habit. Do not take the world apart. Improve the world by culturing yourself. Find the good. Overlook the details that are hard for you to tolerate, and you will, as luck will have it, see the truly unimportant less often. Be more pleased with life, and life will please you more. What you will be doing is to shine light on the world.

Everyone wants more light, and you do too. What I am asking you to do is to up-light the world. Shine your light, and more light is reflected. This is how you erase the little annoyances. This is how you build a new world, for you, My beloveds, are ultimately the builder of it. 

Be here for Greatness, and let go of smallness. This is what I ask of you. Do it.

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