Weekly Reading Jan. 12 to 18, 2015

[My comments are in blue and the and the book notes are in green]

Monday and Tuesday ~ Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

A woman embraces a large stone crowned with a beautiful chalice overflowing with water. The five streams of water represent the outpouring of spirit over the material world. A dove, symbolizing the descent of Spirit, drops a wafer into the chalice, a gift of pure love.

This card presents the gift of love. This can take the form of a new romantic interest, a creative desire, or a spiritual awakening. At this time, your life is filled with possibilities and abundant, joyful emotions. All you need to do is embrace the moment and use that energy for the start of something wonderful.

Press into your emotions this week. Be aware of a new emotional strength surfacing recently. We are being given a new overflow of Divine Love. Open your arms to receive this magnificent flow of Sacred Fire Love from Ascended Masters and Angels. We are being given it for a reason, and that is to overflow out to others around us, to Nature, to Gaia. Let our hearts soar with intention to clean the waters of earth, replenish the nutrients in the soil, and magnify the Love in others hearts, so they too will increase their awareness, and ability to connect with their Higher Self. We are each placed in the right place at the right time, and we are here to create something new and wonderful, collectively!

Wednesday and Thursday ~ Ten of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

A man and woman dance together, their faces filled with joy, as pentacles sprinkle down around them. They have a good, strong home already and in the distance another ship is coming in, promising even more wealth. They not only have enough, they have more than enough.

This card represents a strong, secure foundation, usually based on family ties, whether a home or business. It also deals with legacies, received and given. You may either receive a legacy or small winnings to invest for the future. Or you may acquire a home or business of your own, creating security for you and your loved ones. Another possibility is investing in the community in some way, through a scholarship fund or civic improvement. This card could play out several ways, but however it does, it’ll be good, prosperous, and beneficial to you and your loved ones.

We shall enjoy the blessings that will be provided to us. And as we freely extend the Divine Love we are given, our source will be replenished. Our security and stability will be sure, and we will have a foundation from which we can give forth without creating an unbalanced situation in our lives, or other folks lives. Then altogether, we will enjoy the magnificent promises of wealth, and be able to create legacies, for our families, and for our New Golden Era!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~  XX Judgement


A star shines, sprinkling its rays softly over an angel sounding a trumpet. The angel floats over churning water. Shapes and figures seem to emerge from those waters. The music from the trumpet calls up troubling and disturbing possibilities, and yet the overall feeling of the scene is peaceful and safe. The angel appears approachable and soft, but she exudes a quiet power and strength. Her wings are large and promise the ability to float above the troubled waters. Judgement provides a call. You are being called to face your past before moving on. It is time to acknowledge whatever has happened, accept it, and let it go. You have learned so much and been through so much, you now have the wisdom and strength to free yourself from the past. A time for change is at hand – perhaps a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of life. However, unlike other cards indicating change, in this case you are more in control. You’ve decided to heed the call. You have the experience and the knowledge to move forward. You just have to make your final farewells.

Together, we will be strong, and exude a quiet power, with an unstoppable knowing, that we are One. We will float above the troubled waters. We have faced our past, and are moving on. We recognize it is time to be freed from the past, that inhibits us – which in truth, if we followed that old path, will lead to death. Rather, we are surfacing at the trumpet call, and responding in Life abundant, full of Joy and Gratitude to our Source! 

This week, be prepared for an overflow of Divine Love to enfold you, and cover you with protection like a mantle. As you open the arms of your soul, to pause and receive this rich flow of abundance being poured out, you will stir up a freedom in your soul, and you will radiate Love towards others, both in your family and friends, and also to strangers who pass you by. Enjoy this “call” on your life. It is part of your Divine Purpose to expand the Divine Love on our planet earth and beyond to the Stars! What a blessing YOU are investing in our universe!

Enjoy Life!




Iru Zora

Epic of Abundance