Vintage Wisdom Oracle Cards

“The Vintage Wisdom oracle deck presents 52 lavishly illustrated cards infused with the beauty and inspiration of goddesses, divas and etheric muses,” describes the back of the box.

This is truly a remarkable oracle deck.  The images bring such vivid learning.  I have had this deck now for a month.  I used it right away, and incorporated it into my daily 3 card reading. It brings focus to my readings, and definitely helps give guidance that will be remembered through out the day.    After my three cards are done, I formulate a question for the day, that stems from the three cards.  Then, I pull ONE card from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle Deck for my answer.  I take pictures of my daily readings on my cell phone so I can recall the themes at a glance during my day.

I do hope to put up some pictures of this deck, but for now, here is the back of the cards along with some of my crystals:  Apache tears. smoky quartz, amazonite, and honey citrine.

I HIGHLY recommend this deck.  It has brought a flourish to my daily readings that I did not realize I was missing before I started using them.

Enjoy your deck… SOON!  You will be glad you did!



Iru Zora



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