Enjoyment of the Vintage Wisdom Oracle

Vintage Wisdom OracleAs I wrote yesterday, I do love this Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck. As I opened the box, I took a picture to share with you. I did this a month ago, and now have a few collected images to share.  Here is the picture I took on the lovely day in July of the box cover, front and back.Vintage Wisdom Box BackThen, after I opened up the cards, I was guided to pull ONE card that would represent ME for this deck.  This would be representing the aspect of me, and also the aspect of how the deck would help me in my readings.Vintage Wisdom Oracle Transition

When I do my first card of any deck, this is a special card for me. Because any time in the future when I pull that same card, it has a bit of nostalgia to it, and I have a deeper meaning with that card.

So, as I pulled my first card, the drum rolled! It was the TRANSITION card. I said to myself, yes, WOW, this is the best card for me that represents where I am at in my life right now. I want the transition faster than it is coming of course.

Then, I kept that card out for a few hours, and took a picture of it that night, when I was making strawberry jam! I thought, this too, is a perfect reminder of a transition. Take a strawberry, which grows in the straw, during hot summer days and squish it and add a LOT of sugar, and pectin, and it has transitioned into a totally new state. Hopefully all of our transitions will be so sweet and enjoyed as well.

Vintage Wisdom TransitionOther than the daily reading card, once I had them with me on a lunch break. I was guided to ask specifically how I was to help one friend in life, and then how she was to help me. I then drew two cards. I was to help her with wisdom, but really, I am here to help her with encouragement to listen to her own Inner Voice. Then, the second card was “Guardian Angel”. And I know she is helping me connect with others who were close to me, who have already ascended. So this was a perfect way to use these cards as well.

Vintage Wisdom Oracle WisdomVintage Wisdom Guardian AngelShort and Sweet!  Have a Sweet day full of Wisdom and easy transitions, as your Guardian Angels guide you when you hear their voice within.

As always


Iru Zora