New Moon In Leo Tarot Spread

Leo New Moon Tarot Spread

  1. Be Clear on what it is that I hope for?

At the time of a new moon, is a time for setting intentions for the next moon cycle. So at this time, discover what makes your heart sing. What have you been searching for? What do you hope to manifest in your life during this next lunar month? Look into your heart and see what is being reflected back at you. For your future to be what you desire you need to open your heart to all possibilities.  


  1. What is my dominant emotion? Do I need to breakaway from it? Or shall I enhance it?

This is a good card to learn something new about yourself that you may not have considered. What is your dominant emotion? Let the card reveal something new to you!   Either something needs desperately to be dissolved or it really is a prominent part of you that needs to be brought out into the Light.


  1. What pattern in my life to I need to dissolve?

Be open in your heart to see what needs to “go” from your life. Perhaps you already do know what habit needs to be nipped in the bud. See what comes up for you and be willing to release and dissolve this; for when you do, you will grow by leaps and bounds. And you will be so glad you did!


  1. What creative endeavour shall I pursue?

Once you open the door of opportunity you will see clearly what is the next step. Take one step at a time. Let this card match your intuition! Perhaps this is something you thought of doing a few months ago, but now is the time to carry out your idea! Think of an action that you can do to start this


  1. How can I enhance my romantic side?

What is a Leo new moon without considering where you can improve your loving? Do you need to pursue love? Do you need to rest? Or is this a time of learning by observing for you? What action can you take, be it a simple one action step, that may even open up a door for a whole new friendship?


  1. What Magic is coming to me this month?

Now is the moment for YOU to receive as well. What will you receive this next lunar month? Be on the watch for something or someone special coming your way! For whatever you are going to be blessed with, could either be something big, or something that you may miss the joy of, unless you are keenly observant!


Enjoy Your Leo New Moon Phase.


Iru Zora