Page of Cups Mystic Dreamer Tarot

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot deck is my deck for precise answers when doing readings in short time frames.  Whenever I do readings with this deck, I find the answers are clear and helpful to bring insight to the situation.  The Page of Cups has come up a few times for me recently, and I identify with the description written by Barbara Moore in the Dreamer’s Journal.  Page of Cups Mystic Dreamer

“This woman dances on a shore beneath a rainbow.  She holds aloft a simple chalice containing a fanciful blue fish.  To us, it is a cup and a fish; yet she sees worlds of wonder in the smallest things.

This page is sweet, sensitive, and creative.  She is a dreamer, the type of girl that enchanted fish tell stories to.  Her life is filled with rainbows and magic.  She is intuitive and emotional.  She loves openly and deeply.  Perhaps she gives a bit too much of herself and risks getting hurt.  She is constantly being inspired and is always on the verge of some new project or creation.  That story the fish told her?  She’ll write it, illustrate, and hand-bind the book, and give it to that nice woman she just met the other day.  Pages also represent messages.  In this case, possibly a message about a loved one or a creative project or possibly a love note.

If reversed, this card represents someone who is overly sensitive, whose feelings get hurt at a drop of a hat, or a very moody person who has no appropriate outlet for those strong feelings.”

From The Dreamer’s Journal by Barbara Moore Dreamers Journal By Barbara Moore

Enjoy Life!


Iru Zora