September 2015


11360064-Horoscope-background-Stock-Vector-astrology-zodiac-horoscope[1]As those of you who regularly read my blog know, while I am an astrologer, I don’t write a monthly interpretation post explaining planetary movements. I do from time to time write about unusual astrological happenings. September is one of those times.

When I look at the month of September from the perspective of astrology, I see lots of change. So, it might be a “hold on to your hat” kind of month for some and an “at last I feel lighter” month for others. And, of course, everything in between. I can easily see the planetary changes and shifts that will occur. How they might affect your life is a little more difficult. As you read the following explanations of the action in our starry sky for September, see if you can feel the spirit or energy of what I am attempting to explain and where these energies might…

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