Four of Wands Inner Child Tarot

Four of Wands

Four of Wands

One of the ultimate mysteries of Creation is the life force contained within a seed. When planting a garden, we are the soil much like we would create a cozy bed for a child. We cover the seed with rich soil in order to allow it a period of gestation. Soon, it blossoms into a triumphant plant, bursting forth above the ground and reaching upward toward the sky.

The metaphor of the seed is applicable to every aspect of our lives: the seed of knowledge, the seed of truth, the germination of consciousness, and so on. This card depicts the planting of new wisdom and the reconstruction of an intuitive foundation. The garden has corners, representing the four seasons and the four cardinal directions.

In ancient Greece, the symbols of the seasons were four women: Summer was adorned with a crown of grain; Autumn wore a basket of fruit; Spring wore a wreath of flowers; Winter was bareheaded. The fairies pictured in this card represent springtime, when new planting takes place and a new season of Sun and sprouting awaits.

In your life, new ideas are seeding themselves.   Prepare your life for the fruits that you will bear. Plant your creativity and watch it grow.

Enjoy Life!


Iru Zora