Weekly Oracle Reading for Feb. 15 to 21, 2016

Vintage Wisdom Expression

Monday and Tuesday: Expression

This Isis like figure with the veil covering half her face, makes us wonder what she is hiding. But truly the light is behind her all the way. Just like the Light is behind us and supporting us. The butterflies coming from her head dress show that her thoughts are being set free. They are of so many colours. So, as you move forward in these days, do find a way to express what is hidden inside your beautiful soul. Your colourful thoughts are cherished gems! If you keep them to yourself, then they cannot help another soul. We often feel we have nothing to share, and there are so many doing it better than we could do. Nonsense!! You have so much to share. Allow your emotions today to spread their wings and take flight. Let your creativity reveal to you what you can do, to express yourself to another individual today. Write it in a book, a blog or in a song. Someday, a special someone who comes across your path will find an answer to a life question that they have had for perhaps a long time. YOU count. Your voice matters. Send Love to what you do. Love will bind it together with grace and courage and make it powerful. Trust your thoughts, and set them free.


Vintage Wisdom Oracle  Beauty2

Wednesday and Thursday: Beauty

Another headdress!! What kind of reading focuses on headdresses?? We have changed from butterflies to flowers. Beauty! The Essence of just what IS. There is nothing now to “do”. We expressed ourselves in the first few days of the week, now we are to just BE. Be your beautiful self that you are. Inside and Out. Inside, you connect with your feelings of passion, and have a knowingness of connecting with your Higher Self, which enables your radiance to flow within all the cells of your body. Let the wave of Love, Peace and Joy flow through you from the top of your body to your feet. Feel this wave, random at first, then sequential after that. This beauty flowing through you will enable your cells to function in their Divine Perfect order. Then, let this beauty flow from Inside to your Outside. Now, the radiance will flow out, and other people will be dynamically attracted to you. This is what they desire, so they come to you to feel it. After you have charged your inner essence, it is now safe for you to shine your Light and radiance. It is a wonder to feel inner beauty and to share it with the world around you.

Vintage Wisdom Oracle Listening

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Listening

This lovely lady of the garden has become one with the garden. The birds approach her with a message, a tune and a sweet song. She is quiet. She listens. Her hands clasped resting on her knees as she ponders the message. The birds continue to fly near her and give her hope and joy. Would you not feel amazed if the birds came to you, obviously a few of them around you giving you a message? What would they say to you? What message do you need to hear? Take time to listen. The message will ring true and it will be clear in your heart. Contemplate it. At this point, connect with nature and do nothing. The time is now to listen, and to ponder.   The maiden’s wings are closed, and resting. Take this week end to rest. Enjoy the messages that are coming to you. No need to rush about. Sit; be still and Listen.


Overall this will be a week to connect with your Inner Essence. Giving special attention to expressing your creativity will benefit others, but you will discover that it will beautify you. You will feel more abundant inside and will have even more to give.   Setting your wisdom free to fly out like the butterflies, will enable your inner beauty to become the bouquet of perfume to sweeten your daily walk. This fragrance will attract the messages to you, so be ready to listen from a place of peace within, and you will retain the message for when the time of action will come.


Blessings upon your week!

Iru Zora / Crystal Michaels


The crystals here are Mookaite, and Fire Agate, and some kind of Jasper, I think.

Mookaite gives us strength, and balance; Fire agate will bring a sense of vitality; and the colours of the Jasper represent bringing things together, like messages from Spirit.