Unboxing my Thelema Tarot

I am sharing my JOY of unboxing my Thelema Tarot deck. I am so excited to begin to use this beautiful deck. I study decks online, over and over, before making any purchase! Perhaps you are the same! Well, you can definitely put this deck on your “to buy” list and be quite satisfied as a beginner or even as a well seasoned tarot reader. 

Once I opened the box, I took pictures of all the cards, before doing anything else. Here is a great start to share with you:   The Major archana cards! The beautiful feature about this deck are the emotions that it connects our hearts to. We can identify with the character in the image and then take action accordingly. The decisions we need to make will be made clear to us, as we use this deck. I will share more as I go along; but for now, here are the first set of pictures to share with you! 



Thelema Tarot Fool Magician High Priestess Empress

Thelema Tarot Emperor Hierophant  Lovers Chariot

Thelema Tarot Strength Hermit Wheel Justice

Thelema Tarot Hanged Man Death Temperance Devil

Thelema Tarot Tower Star Moon Sun

Thelema Tarot Judgement The World

Thelema Tarot

This deck was created by Renata Lechner, and published by Lo Scarabeo in 2015.

Here is a picture of the backs of the cards as well.  Lovely design of a gold star against the Universe!  The cards feel good to shuffle, and have a great energy to work with.

Thelema Tarot Card Back