Sirian Starseed Reading with Vintage Wisdom

The Sirian Starseed is my Daily Deck to use for my readings.  I have used these beautiful cards for over two years now, daily!  Here is my reading for today, Sunday, May 8th, 2016.

Four of Crystals, surround myself with good energy; surrender to the moment of peace within.  Meditate and prepare for the changes to come.

Transition:  Yes, I am ready!!  I expect big changes!  To prepare, I bring all my creativity together, to create, “Alchemy” in my own life.

Then, I asked, what shall I create??   And I turned to the Vintage Wisdom Deck to find clarity and direction.  I discover “Balance” and my intuition is drawn to the Hummingbird.Balance  Vintage Wisdom

Today, I invite you as well, into the stillness where we can cultivate grace and poise.  We need willingness to listen to our head and intuitive wisdom of our hearts to identify areas that need attention.

Be the Creator of your Own Alchemy if transition is to happen.  I alone, have the freedom to rewrite the story line of my life.  Be Bold, be creative, be full of grace and poise, and CREATE!

Enjoy your day!

Iru ZoraIMG_20160508 Sunday