Full Moon July 9 2017 ~ Ice Breaker

This is from Darkstar Astrology.  Sharing this so we are all prepared for the upcoming week end!!  Enjoy!


The Full Moon on 9 July 2017 falls at 17º Capricorn decan 2. The Full Moon July is a black rod of iron in that it plugs right into Mars opposite Pluto. To say this will be intense is an understatement. Amplifier Jupiter heats up this flaming poker aspect from the scales of justice in Libra. So we end up with a very hot cardinal T-square! That’s quite a heatwave and we are in the middle of summer. Phew! It also aligns with major stars in the constellation of the harp. What sorcery will the haunting sound of the lair/lyre play?

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Full Moon July Astrology ~ Capricorn Decan 2

The Full Moon July falls in Capricorn decan 2, which is a tough placement such a sensitive body. Instead of home comforts, the new moon seeds are expected to grow in a fairly spartan environment. The land here is hard and dry, so it will take some toil to make it fertile. Much depends on carefully organizing structures in order to yield the best results from this Full Moon. This month will probably be one of hard knocks and deferred gratification then. It will be hard for anyone touched by this Full Moon to be empathetic to anyone who might be lagging behind due to domestic problems. With the intense planetary aspects too, they will have to maintain a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ approach.

Because of the seductive aspect of this Full Moon. There is an element of using ones sexual allure to seal a business deal.

Full Moon July ~ Aspects & Star

Full Moon on Sheliak in Lyra “In connection with the Moon…a tendency for occult and mysticism may be given.” The Moon adds more shadow, introspection and intuition to Lyra.
full moon july 2017
Moon conjunct Pluto is penetrating, provocative and plunges headlong into the dark sea of lunar emotions without fear.

Moon opposition Mars creates a dynamo of energy that needs expression in some physical action.

Full Moon July 2017 Summary

This is quite a useful Full Moon if you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it. The purging aspects are strong which means it will be an excellent Full Moon for detoxification. It will feel a bit like a phoenix out of the flames, especially since there is some bird symbolism involved. Lyra’s is the constellation of the harp but some depictions of this constellation include a vulture which holds the Lyra between its talons.