Making a Decision… Again

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Image Two of Swords

Your Card: Two of Swords

Fencing and dueling are popular sports and art forms that require skill, balance, and grace. They involve lucid and quick movements coupled with the insight and awareness it takes to yield and surrender to one’s opponent.
Potentially, our minds can function in this fashion. However, in our stressful culture where dualistic thinking reigns, we inevitably get entangled in indecision and self-doubt. Resolving life’s conflicts can become agonizing feats of battle. We often remain unyielding or unable to surrender to a difficult situation put before us.
This card offers the perspective that our mental conflicts can be experienced as a sport in which balance and wholeness are a priority. All of life is divided into opposites: yin/yang, male/female, light/dark, joy/sorrow. We must know one side in order to learn its polar complement.
The crossed swords represent mental conflict. The radiant sun behind the swords is a reminder of the wholeness that overlights any form of dualism. It may be a time in your life when you are making new decisions or searching for answers to old problems. Move toward your light and wisdom, and let the answers emerge like a great sunrise. Allow old worries to sink into the past Iike a poignant sunset. Clarity will come to you as you gently yield to the moment.