Be the Magician

Early morning Messages from My Mom! 💠


🌟 Hold your wand high. We today, collectively are the Magician. Let’s Join our creative power today. I would like to say on the count of 10 let’s make a big POOF with our wand and say abracadabra and create our new world in one magical flash of Light. I feel together we are doing this in the moment of NOW! We each feel it ; it IS happening. (Read @tarotlicious Caroline’s post for June 12th, 2018 on Emerging!)

🌟 My mother was always creating one thing or another. Sometimes it was pies! She was a funny bird. One day I remember coming home from school and she had a few lemon merange pies in the oven. I was still at the age where pulling something out of the oven freaked me out. Lol. But she said, no you take them out. And she took a picture of me doing it, making me feel as if I was the one who did the job from start to finish! I didn’t feel right for taking the credit of making the pies but she said to others, look what Julia did! Of course others knew the situation, but she made me feel like I was a Magician and encouraged me even as she was happily giving me credit.


🌟 Watch your words to others today. Create in them the magic of joy! Create in others the flow of expectancy. Create in others the vision to see their own abilities. Create in others the thirst for more profound mysteries to explore. Bring the 5D to the 3D. That is why we are here in this moment. To create. Let’s BE the MAGICIAN today. Our joint power in the small words we say make a profound impact on our world as a whole. We are entrusted with this treasure to create. Let’s do it!! Magically!

This is a part of the #mymajorjourney by @thevanmystic.