The Fool’s Journey of the Major Arcana

Early morning Messages from My Mom! 💠

THE FOOL’S Journey
A new cycle begins. My Mom actually nudged me to do this! I am joining Nicky at @thevanmystic as we join together across Tarot land exploring the major Arcana journey.
I also see this as a splendid way to really get to know my new druid deck!

When I was 20 my Mom began a new journey for her and my dad. They became house parents 24/7 for a mission named Jewels For Jesus. They lived in the home and opened their doors for teen age pregnant women. This was a new challenge for my Mom because she was not an official counsellor. Also life was changing a dynamic because they were not offered any pay! She had to write letters asking friends and family, explaining what they were going to do. My parents were only given free room and board. My mom had to expand her experience by speaking in various churches in the province to increase awareness of the situation of girls needing a place to get away and live without being harassed in their own communities. Well my Mom was the welcoming hug of a Mamma for each young girl. She welcomed each girl as part of her big heart family. I know. I saw it first hand because I decided to live with my parents during these years (to save on dorm fees at college). These girls were given total love and acceptance. And another cycle of my Mom’s life began.