The High Priestess ~ Druidcraft Tarot

Morning Messages from My Mom! .



The Celtic High Priestess knows her place for her Divine ceremony. She stands blocking the path between two grand stones. She is the Gateway for life and for death. She is the Veil that stands between and receives messages. The crescent moon and the stars awaken her soul and she becomes the “image -making” form of creation.

.🌈 My mom had a grand unquenchable thirst for wisdom. She studied with her books and her One Book that helped her SEE the inner Truth of her life. They would lay spread over the table when I came home for lunch on school days. So we would have our “bite to eat” (as she called it) in front of the TV watching Flintstones. Fun now to see the connection between the Stone age world still having its impact on our imagery and combining it with the intuitive paths we both had. I would then practice piano and she would go back to her books.

.🎵 Everything in our lives speaks to us. We know that keenly. We are aware of the synchronistic flow and how the Moon speaks to us even when we are asleep. We are the Veil of understanding. It is important for us to be the gate keeper of the wisdom of what is entrusted to us. 💜 There is a moment for everything; Now is the moment to be still and receive more wisdom. We will discover how to break bonds asunder! We will know how to cut the chords of what no longer serves us. And we will be set free to be the warmth of Love in our special relationships and open the gate for more abundant living to flow in. 💚 This is a grand moment when we stand with our arms uplifted to welcome the Flow of Divine. Let’s open to the stillness and feel the depths of mysteries that are waiting for us.