Veronica’s financial advice (The Four of Pentacles)

Daily Tarot Girl

My Fridays With Veronica Are you tired of spending your hard earned money on totally boring things like insurance, taxes, RRSPs and toothpaste? The Four of Coins nymph is here to suggest that you start spending your cash on the things that matter – lavish dinners, theater tickets, Turkish towels and gigolos! That is what …


Four of Cups: Boredom in a Loincloth?

Daily Tarot Girl

  The Four of Cups shows a pasty young man who looks rather blase about everything. But he’s wearing a loincloth and he has a frickin’ horse! How on Earth can this little shit be bored?! Anyway, you’re feeling rather dull today. And just under the surface is this curious buzzing, this feeling of discontent …