Veronica ~ The Eight of Swords is Kinky!

The Eight of Swords is Kinky!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir, The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil counterpart, is here to kick some sense into you with her uncompassionate style of Tarot reading. She usually writes these half-drunk, so take her advice with a grain of salt…or a tablespoon!

eight of swords

Now here is the lady of the Eight of Swords looking like a character in one of those kinky romance novels I have been reading on my filthy little Kindle.

And just like those masochistic heroines, this dame actually enjoys her sense of limitation and blindness.

So I ask you this…

Are you getting off on your perceived handicaps?

Are you relishing the feel of powerlessness?

Do you secretly enjoy complaining to friends about stuff?

Well, snap out of it!

While your busy writhing around in miserable ecstasy waiting for a knight in shining armor to save you, your life is passing you by!

So untie yourself, lift the blindfold and….yes, I know! Then you will actually have to take responsibility for your life.

But seriously – break out of your silly little mind prison and run free on the grassy knoll of life!

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Ten of Crystals

Ten of Crystals

Christmas Day carries the potential for great joy and expectations. Dreams may come true, and the rekindling of family ties and friendly sharings brings warmth and love into the home. In this card, all of the stockings have been filled and a tiny one is being hung to celebrate the birth of the baby gnome. Papa gnome lights the yule log to promote the light and joy of this family and community gathering. All of the gifts have been opened, and the children gaze in delight at the treasures they have received. The girl gnome sits on a rainbow carpet while she looks at a wondrous crystal. The day is bright, the Sun is high, and the family rejoices. Let the scene in the Ten of Crystals warm your heart.

Ten of Cups

Celebrations and festivals of all traditions bring people together. They instill a special feeling of gratitude that comes from the desire to be universally connected and loved.

Open to the gifts that life has in store for you. You may want to reacquaint yourself with ancient rituals and blessings that can spark new fires in your creative imagination. Your healing prayers and thoughts can uplift many people around the globe. Remember to aid the disadvantaged and homeless, who may be downcast and in need of a helping hand.

Be thankful for all the blessings offered to you by angels, invisible helpers, and higher teachers throughout your lifetime.

Queen of Swords ~ Weekly Reading August 4 – 10, 2014

Weekly read 4th – 10th August 2014

This is the second week of using the Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.




Have Courage!

Monday is a day where we are being reminded to carry on forward no matter how life tough is getting for us.  For a lot of people, you may feel like your life is going nowhere.  Tatsuya in the image is saying to move forward without looking back!


The Pendragon

The Pendragon

Pure male energy

Tuesday is a day for taking action to where you want to go.  Or, alternatively, it could mean that there is a male presence or icon steering you in the direction where you wish to be.  The main energy of the day seems to be about movement and having the energy to move forward.


The Time Guardian

The Time Guardian

You have time

Many people reading this will be thinking, oh no!  My time to manifest my cosmic order is coming to an end and it is not here!  Arghhhhh!  This dragon is telling us that there is not need to be so hung up on time, to rush things will ensure they do not come.  Allow things to manifest on their own and see the results.  Keep walking and moving and do not worry if the magic manifestation hasn’t happened.  Things like that have a habit of happening when it is not being thought of.


Gwynne & Elluish

Gwynne & Elluish


Thursday is a day where you will find that out of the blue, you feel connected to a lot of things.  This will be shown with the increased connected to your higher self and spirit guide you will have today.  So keep doing what you are and watch how your connection is getting stronger to source!


The Time Guardian

The Time Guardian

You have time

But don’t rush things!  The energy with Wednesday and Friday are connected as this card appears on both days.  If you keep a journal, read what you wrote down as it still maybe applicable to Friday!  It will come.


Lady of the New Buds

Lady of the New Buds

Nurture tenderness

This is an interesting card.  The imagery and energy of this card refers to plants and tending to the seedlings.  Look to whatever seeds you have and tend to these projects and watch them grow.  Also flower essences maybe used at this time as well.  Use some flower power to help your energy field as you are realigning to something big!  It will be worth it.


The Wild Huntress

The Wild Huntress

Face your shadow

This is an interesting card for the end of the week.  The feeling I get is that this fae is rather in your face!  But that I mean, they are sure what they want.  Is there an energy within you about fears and concerns about the projects you are trying to manifest.  This fae is telling you to not worry and shimmy your booty to claim your rewards in life.  You have worked hard and it is time to receive what is due.

Theme for the week

Drystan & Queen Oonagh


Queen Oonagh

Look beneath the surface & A brilliant solution is on its way

This week is about excellent things starting to come into your physical.  However, all is not what seems, if you feel like nothing is going on in life, chances are that things are being put in motion and you can’t see it!  Queen Oonagh has an illuminated throat chakra, so it is more than likely that some major truths will start to happen for you this week.  This is uniquely your truths are yours and yours only.  Over her heart chakra, she has a butterfly over it.  The truth will set you free comes to mind here.  Finally, she has a shining 3rd eye, so you can manifest truths through your heart and 3rd eye.

That concludes the reading for the week.  Next week, I will use Wild Wisdom from the Faery, also by Lucy Cavendish with the amazing artist Selena Fenech.

Have a top week



Three of Hearts

Three of Hearts

Three of Hearts

Ancient Goddess worshipers claimed that the creation of the universe stemmed from the mysterious rhythm and magic dance of the deep waters.


Oriental mystics said that the true self, identical to the eternally dancing deity, sides in the cave of the heart.


This connection between the heart and the Higher Self is an important facet in the evolving flow and harmony of life.


In this card, a happy clam sends up bubbles of laughter as a buried treasure chest containing vast riches and jewels rests unopened. Two joyous sea beings frolic to the magical sounds emanating from a shell harp played by a third sea being, a mermaid.


Tantric tradition calls rhythm the sound power or the heartbeat of the absolute. This beating sound is perceptible when one plunges into the depths of consciousness.


The Three of Hearts is a jubilant call, arousing in you the spirit of play, imagination, and eternal friendship. As you discover the little child who resides in your heart, let your feelings bubble up. Let this child know how much it is loved and cherished. Honor the intimate dance that you and this child share.


Some tears of joy may flow. This card may also signify a celebration or party. The number 3 symbolizes the coming together of friends and family. Listen to the music, and don’t forget to dance.

Five of Swords

 When I wanted to name my blog a month ago, I randomly picked this card and it guided me to the words “A Place To Dock”. I had several posts online, but deleted them, due to considering privacy. However, I am led again to renew my interest in blogging. And, as I begin to put up my first post, I wanted to chose a card from Isha Lerner. And guess what!! Synchronicity shines again. No kidding!! I pulled this same very card, Five of Swords. So here it is. My first post, of round 2. ☺

Five of SwordsFive of Swords

In the Five of Swords, the river raft of the Four of Swords finds            a place to dock, and the fishing rod or sword is secured in the sand. The boy leaves the raft behind and begins to explore a variety of uncovered truths that are awaiting him. He gazes at a starfish, which reveals the potential of his creative mind.

In numerology, the number 5 is connected with freedom, adventure, and unexpected changes on the path of life. The seals on the shore symbolize the emergence of unseen life forces coming to the boy. His awareness is fresh as he discovers new ideas.

Most exciting is the realization that clarity is brilliantly emerging like the bright sun in the sky behind him. As you venture from your raft of the past, be aware of the truth and freedom that await you. Freedom misused can be confusing and chaotic.

Be thoughtful and discriminating as you gather resources and information. Know your boundaries-the lessons of the raft. Clarify your goals. The boy is on a slippery rock, and he must move carefully to stay surefooted.

Anticipate illuminating insights from places deep within you. This is a creative and purposeful time. Most importantly, focus your attention and thoughts.