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First “Thank You Download” – by Suzanne Lie

Arctrian Teachings


Hello Dear Readers,

Here is my first “give-away” – Thank You so very much, we have over 2,000,000 visits to the site.
In fact, as of today, there are 2,001,133  visits.
I am giving away an interesting experience I had
of questions and answers with the Arcturians.
Jefferson asked the questions and the Arcturians gave the answers.
You can download this book by clicking


Thank you again, again!

Sue Lie

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XIX The Yellow Brick Road

ic_yellow_roadWhen this card appears in your reading, a burst of spiritual sunshine can enlighten your mind and warm your heart. Fill the dark caverns of your psyche with the white light of divine wisdom. Create a rainbow bridge of compassion and understanding over which you can travel to meet with your fellow pilgrims on the path of life.

Rise before dawn, walk to a nearby nature sanctuary, and re-experience the wonder of the day’s rebirth. Visit the ocean and absorb the splendor of the rising or setting Sun with its orange-reddish glow in the western sky.

Light a candle, meditate in an aura of peace, and send your healing thoughts and prayers it to humanity on a multicolored beam.

Realize that you, no matter what your flaws and challenges may be, are a light to the world.


Iru Zora

Why Evolving Individuals Struggle in Their Romantic Relationships ~ Jan. 12, 2016

Why Evolving Individuals Struggle in Their Romantic Relationships ~ Jan. 12, 2016

Posted on January 12, 2016 by cindyloucbp

Lot’s of good information here, so read up, imagine what you would like your life to be, and…


By C. JoyBell C.


Alright, I’m going to be blunt. If you are a high vibration individual on a path of self-improvement AND in a relationship, chances are, you’ve probably settled. I’m also betting that if you’re single, you’re probably trying to figure out why you’re not finding anyone ‘worth it’.

It’s no surprise a lot of us feel this way. In fact, given our circumstances, we are statistically set up for failure when it comes to finding a compatible mate. Here’s why:


Problem #1: Scarcity

On a fundamental level, our difficulty in finding ‘the one’ is a problem we encounter when we study economics: It’s a problem of scarcity.

The more evolved a person becomes, the fewer compatible potential partners exist. There are simply less people who can meet you at the same level of awareness.


Beyond that, the more specialized your set of life traits are, (for example, being psychic, or being 6 feet tall) the more specialized your desired partner’s traits become. And beyond that, out of those who fit your desired needs, that certain someone needs to find your particular combination of traits attractive to be a match.


In other words, your potential pool of mates goes from maybe 1 in 20 to 1 in 1000, or probably worse. Those are just arbitrary numbers, but the point is, extraordinary people more often seem like they have “settled” in their relationships.


That, or they remain single.


Ironically, even as we struggle to find compatible partners, evolving individuals never fall short of attracting admirers. Our aura is based on our level of enlightenment and development. The higher your vibration, or brighter your light, the more generally unhealthy people are going to be attracted to it. In other words, the less healthy a person is, the more likely they are to gravitate towards someone who has the characteristics they perceive to be lacking in themselves. I like to call this “filling the void”.


Thus, we deal with the consequence: Self-aware, spiritually advanced, evolving people don’t tend to meet many others whom they want to be with, and get far greater exposure to others who want to be with them. And those others often have not-so-desirable attributes and questionable mental health.


I’ll admit—I could write for days on my romantic blunders with sociopaths, victims, narcissists etc. Before I understood the reality of my dating ‘predicament’, I was stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships that didn’t serve me. My frustration over this became so overwhelming that it morphed into the fear that I was deeply flawed myself. Sound familiar? You’re not alone—most of us are simply unaware of the role vibration plays when we find ourselves with dysfunctional partners over and over again. This is why it’s also so important to use discretion when courting an admirer.


Lucky us–right? We have a unique susceptibility to basket cases! But what might be more perplexing is that a lot of us also choose to stay with these types. Why?  For the same reason everyone else does:

We get stuck because we are living in a delusion.

The false belief that we need to be with another person in order to feel ‘fulfilled’ or ‘complete’ could not be further from the truth. In fact, more than anything else, it causes us to suffer.


This brings me to Problem #2: Needing Love

Most people who are in a relationship who shouldn’t be, fall into this category.




That might be the SINGLE most important lesson we learn on our path of self improvement.

Of course, the meaning of ‘need’, in this context, isn’t that which stems from external pressures, such as family expectation or financial insecurity. Although superficial relationships exist, our primary need—the need to be whole— stems from our core.


Unfortunately, most people won’t ever even begin the path to real fulfillment and wholeness of being. It’s simply easier to depend on someone else for the qualities we lack, than it is to work on developing those things ourselves.


A lot of the people you know are in relationships for precisely this reason.


And here’s where it comes back to bite them:

The moment we become dependent on another’s energy, in any amount, we impair our ability to evolve as individuals.

Some people stop evolving all together.


This is why it is essential for us to reach a certain level of  ‘wholeness’ before becoming intimately involved with another person.




It is a spiritual truth, that the most dangerous threat to soul consciousness is the threat of anything that stops us from evolving.


For the small group of people awakening who were meant to evolve to a higher consciousness in this life, being dependent on another to mask your own shortcomings only leads to one thing:



It’s only logical, right? When we make life choices that lead us off the right path, our real self lets us know loud and clear that it’s time to start doing something differently! Negative feelings are there to guide us and serve as a thought/action feedback system. They will continue to teach us until the lesson is learned. This is what the Buddha meant when he said, “Suffering is a CHOICE” (For more on this:  See post — The Importance of Negative Emotions and  Self-Respect vs. Selfishness)


If you’re suffering in your relationship, and you feel like you need your partner to feel ‘complete’– it’s time to get out. I wish I had listened to my inner self sooner. Like many people, I was miserable for years in relationships defined by anxiety, depression, and desperation. Sure, I was attracting some pretty unremarkable characters, but admittedly, there were parts of them that I was depending on to make up for my own insecurities. I invested all my energy into those relationships and my partners—energy that I needed to be spending on myself, and on my own growth. Lesson learned: The only person I ever really needed, was ME.




PROBLEM #3: Compatibility Issues: Needing Appreciation vs. Needing to be Understood


When a person develops to the point where they feel like they don’t need someone else, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a desire for companionship.


If you were lucky enough to defy statistics and meet someone you are mutually attracted to, you still have another hurdle to overcome when it comes to relationship success—and that deals with compatibility.

There is a major compatibility problem we face in our relationships, and this has to do with a fundamental difference in the core need of the average person vs. the evolving person.


It has been said that the deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be APPRECIATED. I would argue that in the case of the evolving person it is the craving to be UNDERSTOOD .


Here’s why:

Because the craving for appreciation is ego driven—it would make sense that the evolving person loses this core need. The evolving person has already formed a deep sense of appreciation for himself. Although closely related, the desire to be understood can exist outside the ego, and therefore is a desire that exists in harmony with our REAL SELVES.


So while the average person seeks appreciation from his significant other, the evolving person seeks understanding— and this poses a problem. Two people who don’t share the same core need, DON’T sync. They are vibrating on two very different levels.


And this is important, because compatibility really isn’t about personality or similar interests. It’s simply how well you harmonize with another persons vibration.


The good news: This bump in the road is easy to avoid. It is precisely our need to be understood, which guides us toward other individuals who vibrate at higher levels. The person we feel understands us is by default more likely to be someone we resonate with.


So– to bring it full circle:

If the desire to be understood motivates extraordinary individuals to SEEK a bond, and vibrations that are in sync with each other (compatibility) work to FORM the bond, then what is it that leads us toward a LASTING bond?

The answer might surprise you:

It is an individuals commitment to their own growth.


Which brings me to PROBLEM #4: Growth Differences: Problems with Relationship Sustainability


Behavioral research tells us that the single most important element in a satisfying long term relationship is admiration.


I like to think of admiration (really just a sentimentalized term for respect) as the glue that maintains a bond between two people. It’s what causes your partner to want to stay bonded with you over time. (and vice versa). (See post Authentic Admiration vs False Admiration)


Here’s the caveat: Another person’s admiration for you is only authentic and enduring as long as you are committed to your own growth. Likewise, mutual admiration forms an enduring pair bond when both individuals are committed to their own personal growth, and thus admire each other while evolving.

So, for mutual admiration to remain constant, both people must constantly be learning, Growing. Changing. EVOLVING.


This of course comes naturally to the seeker. The evolving person. The passionate, life-long learner. The YOU reading this. Whether we are aware of it or not, we re-invent ourselves in small ways every day.

But this doesn’t come easy for everyone.




When our partners cease to stop growing on their own paths of personal evolution, this poses a problem. An evolving person doesn’t admire the partner who ceases to grow, and along with this, probably won’t feel understood (our core need) –thus the bond is broken.


Worse still, is the scenario where both individuals cease to grow. Like anything stagnant, those individuals become toxic — their real selves begin to die. The glue that bonds them isn’t admiration anymore, It’s RESENTMENT.


I can handle breaking hearts. The toxic relationship: Not so much.


On a hopeful note, lets not forget that one of the most beautiful things about enduring bonds, is that two people don’t both have to know where they are headed to be moving in the same direction. They don’t even have to be moving at the same speed.


As long as there is movement, as long as both people are evolving, the admiration bond holds.


In other words, for the paired bond, your commitment to your own growth is as much about your partner as it is about you.


Never stop EVOLVING as an INDIVIDUAL to remain BONDED as a COUPLE.


“You will manage to keep a woman in love with you, only for as long as you can keep her in love with the person she becomes when she is with you.”

― C. JoyBell C.




Weekly Tarot Reading for September 21 to 27, 2015

The World TarotMonday and Tuesday:  The World

Archangel Michael

“A very happy ending!  Coming full circle. Spiritual growth and Insight”

What a great way to start out the week!   You are doing a wonderful job. Is a project winding up in your life?  The appearance of “The World” key reveals that there is a sense of completion and satisfaction in what you are doing.  A time to move on is imminent.  Pause and enjoy this amazing moment of your achievements.  You also have reached a new level of spiritual growth! Your enlightenment is expanding and bringing you to a place of higher energy.  You are at the right place at the right time… And you also have the right attitude to boot!  You have reached a point of excellence!  Congratulations!

King of Michael

Wednesday and Thursday:  King of Michael

“Wisdom and objectivity are important now!  Stay in your integrity, and

keep your communications honest and open!”

Speak your mind with confidence!  Don’t forget to weigh the emotional aspects along with your pros and cons in the situation.  Make sure your actions follow your heart and are of the highest integrity.  You are approaching the path that leads to your future and Archangel Michael is there to help you make the transition.  Your ambitions are respected by others.

Queen of Gabrlel

Queen of Gabriel

“You can do anything right now!  Go after what you want.”

Your passions and brilliance are charming others.  Your independence speaks volumes to both you and others around you.  You can do anything right  now!  Believe in yourself, and trust your path is clear to move forward.  Know that you attract the people you need to help you move forward; they will enthusiastically support you, and will show up at the right time. 

What a powerful week.  Go forward knowing all is set in motion. 

Enjoy Life!


Iru Zora

Weekly Reading Jan. 19 to 25 2015


Dawn New BeginningsMonday and Tuesday: DAWN – New Beginnings

This is a time to say farewell to the old and honor the new by releasing any self-imposed constraints or resistance to the truth that you know. This is your chance to develop that project you have been thinking about, embark on that adventure you have dreamed of going on, and take risks in initiating what your intuitive self has been telling you to do. As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise. But rest assured—just as the dawn that inevitably turns into day, by heeding your inner guidance, you will succeed.

DNA Karma

Wednesday and Thursday: DNA – Karma

While the DNA that you inherited from your biological parents has a physical component, it also has a soul pattern that came together in the creation of “you.” You are predisposed to follow the karmic dictates of this patterning to some extent, yet as you evolve in your consciousness, you can make choices that shift and modify this ancestral design This is one of those times. You can feel the tug of your soul that is both ancient and karmic, yet you also recognize the persistent and loving communication from your Higher Self that contradicts the more familiar solutions before you. The choice is up to you.

River Movement

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: RIVER – Movement

Your resistance is hampering your ability to make a choice in this matter. Surrender to the movement of Life, be grateful, and you will see the signs along the shore and in the river itself that offer you clues about what direction your egoless Self is to be making. “Go with the flow” is more than a trite aphorism here. It is essential that you do so now. Breathe, relax, and you will know.

Taking a look at the cards for this week, the beginning and the ending show the Light eagerly leading us on! The sun is shining on a new day, and on our path ahead of us. We certainly have a bright day waiting for us, full of brilliant adventures!

The Dawn promises a fresh beginning encouraging us to create on a fresh start. Looking at the Karma/DNA card, we realize that many of us have had to find strength, courage and willpower let go of various situations that would have held us back from our climb up the mountain! Now that we have faced our fears or dramas, we can enjoy the sunrise! It is beckoning us to begin a new path. The new adventure begins in your heart so keep it pure and clean! What do you want to create? What new projects are you dreaming of?

Yes, we all have uncertainties, as we take that next step forward. As the book by Susan Jeffers encourages us, we “Feel the fear and do it anyways”.

Your special design is something that has been your destiny for many ages, a legacy from many ancestors! We have been making difficult choices, and modifying our decisions to continue raising our vibrations, and leaving the lower 3D road behind. We follow the loving and persistent guidance of our Higher Self, the flow of the River, which leads us towards Ascension, and away from the past that could keep us in its embrace.


Iru Zora

Weekly Reading ~ September 8 to 14, 2014

This week, Ari uses two cards for each day of the week, from the Conscious Spirit Oracle, and the Crystal Visions Tarot.

Tarot ~  Queen of Wands


We start the week with an injection of energy.  The lion indicates strength and the eagle is about flying high,  So now you should feel that today is finding increased energy about projects which are ahead of you.

Oracle~  Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental

Monday is a day for getting some grounding done as you anchor your energy for the great things which are about to come into your life.  We have the passion and we have the fertility!


Tarot ~  The Hanged Man


This is an interesting card for Tuesday.  In the card we see a man hanging from a tree with ribbons.  I am not sure if you can see this, but, He has his hand up to his face.  This card is about being blinded by information, or not being able to see things.  Are you someone who is analytical and wants things to follow a set path, or are you someone who is moving on by each day?  Do you feel that spirit maybe wanting to give you information, but, you can’t hear them?

Oracle ~  Spirit Awakens

Spirit awakens

This is an interesting card to support the last card.  Maybe you can’t see all that you desire to see due to you are still in the process of awakening.  The image shows us that there is information coming to us via the crown chakra.  Bear with this process.  🙂


Tarot ~  King of Swords


Wednesday is a day about wisdom.  This king is a king where he is guided by logic and is very down to earth.  Today is a day where you will find out a lot of things.  There is also the sun as well, so you are getting a lot of energy to carry out these things which you are being guided to do.

Oracle ~  Crystal Ascension

Crystal Ascension

This is an interesting card to get.  The tarot card is about being very analytical about things.  This card seems to contradict that card, or does it?  To have minerals and crystals in your environment is a good idea as it can be both healing and able to open you up to things energetically. This will in turn allow you to progress on your journey.


Tarot ~  Knight of Pentacles Reversed

p_knight rev

Today seems to be a day of being obsessive and being overly drawn to materialistic pursuits.  This is OK if it about gaining material gains related to your spiritual path  to pay the bills and to live.  No good if it is just for money.

Oracle ~  Sacred Space

Sacred space

You know I am going to say here don’t you?  Yep.  Get yourself out in nature to ground yourself and to get out of this materialistic world.  I am going to be slightly PC but those who charge a ridiculous amount of money for things just so they can get rich is not being advised today.  If you do try it, you may just end up being blocked or a “lesson” heading your way.


Tarot ~  The Magician


Today, we are more than likely looking at what makes us tick in our path.  Today is a “cooking” day, where you find out what works best for you.  When you have found your formula of life, then sent it out and yourselves, to gain the benefits!

Oracle ~  Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental

We start and finish the working week with the same oracle card.  As you can see in the card, there is a lot of roots and the figure in the card’s feet is roots.  One thing to have your formula in your mad scientist laboratory, it is quite the other to be grounded as well.  Do both the steps and it will be a lot easier to implement.


Tarot ~  Queen of Swords


We start the weekend where the change will start to happen.  This is the card of hope, yet you have to be realistic with things.  It is no good to be looking at things without being rational.  By that I mean having a Plan B, or a Plan C.

Oracle ~ Moon Goddess

Moon goddess

This will be an interesting card to pair with the Queen of Swords, Saturday is a very mind and psychic energy day.  As I believe it is a waning moon at this time, use this time to boot out the energy of things which do not work for you.  Work in tandem with the lunar energy.


Tarot ~  Six of Wands


We finish the week on a high.  This is the victory card,  You have found strength as the lion shows and you can be proud of what you have achieved this week.  Yeah, it is has been quite rough of late.

Oracle ~  Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation

A lot of passion, which is the wands suit, and this is saying, why don’t we use our bodies more for meditating or other things.  Maybe doing a walking meditation in the park, or spiritual dancing is in order.  Go on!  You’ve deserved it!!

Theme of the week:

Tarot ~  The Knight of Pentacles and the Hanged Man Reversed


hanged rev

These cards are interesting as they refer to stability and standing your ground.  Could it be after all this time, you have some much needed stability in your life?  The cards think so!  Yay yay yay!!

Oracle~  Earth Angel and Spark of Divine

Earth Angel  Spark of Divine

The oracle cards say that you are a special person energetically and therefore will be more aware of the earth energies about at the moment.  Those of you who have felt a bit blah!  This week is about reignition of your connection to the divine.  This will in turn open up your energy and allow you to hear the messages that you need at this time.

That concludes the reading for the week, next week, I will be using the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul deck.

Take care!!



Weekly Reading 8th – 14th September 2014