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FULL MOON SuperMoon in ARIES October 15th / 16th 2016 Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Aries October 2016

Tonight is the full moon in Aries, October 16, 2016.  And there are many energies combining together, which can bring great change.  So, I just sketched out this reading on the fly tonight.  Here it is for you to try along with me.  Grab your tarot deck, and see what Changes will transform Your Life.

I read the article at this link, and gathered ideas from here. Enjoy!


  1.  URANUS:  What do I need to break free from?  This may come as a surprise or even a shock, since Uranus likes to strike like a lightning bolt.
  2. MARS: What definitive action do I need to take?  If we want change, then this will be an unavoidable next step.
  3. PLUTO: It is time to confront out shadows!  What do we need to purge that is no longer valid for our life purpose?
  4. ERIS: Let’s create chaos which will bring harmony.  A good chaos, like a feminine Warrior.  What do I need to uproot that is toxic in my life?
  5. MASTERY: Where does all this change lead to?  Where am I to RISE UP to fulfill my destiny and rise up to fulfill the call on my life?


Crystal Michaels.






Weekly Tarot Reading Nov. 22 to 29, 2015


As I was watching Doreen Virtue choosing her cards for the week, I was guided to pull my deck over, Archangel Power Tarot cards, and pull three cards for the week, at the same time she was doing hers. And then see how they work together.

Well, the cards that came for me (and you, since I share with you), for this week, match very well, to what she pulled!! Awesome!

These are the cards that popped out to me. The cards are certainly linked in meaning and activity for the coming week. Check them out!

Ace of Ariel

Second: Six of Michael: It’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Breathe a sign of relief and make new plans. Relocation or travel.

Six of Michael

Third: Six of Ariel: Material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways. Acts of kindness, giving, or receiving with a grateful attitude!!

Six of Ariel

It is late, so I cannot expound on my reading right now. But the meanings are evident on the cards. I was just so excited at the synchronicity of all these cards, I had to share!

After I did my reading, I listened to Kate, “The Tarot Girl” and she too, had drawn a match for this week.

Let’s be in joy! Let’s create a week of peace and gratitude inside our hearts this week, as we see how these aspects unfold for each of us.


Iru Zora




Weekly Tarot Reading Dec. 8 to 14, 2014

Nine of Gabriel

Monday and Tuesday  ~ Nine of Gabriel

Don’t give up. Life may feel difficult and complex. You have worked diligently and consistently to plant your seeds and grow your harvest. Now is the moment for your determination and courage to stand your ground and protect that which you have created. The number 9 lets you know you have completed all your tasks for your life preparation for the next season. Your work has been important and valuable. Be prepared for any possibility. You have already proven yourself and your position is secure. Have confidence that this is the last challenging situation before success comes your way!

 Page of Michael

Wednesday and Thursday ~ Page of Michael

The winds are blowing a new and exciting challenge to you. You have what it takes to proceed successfully. Rely on your logical thinking and ability to discern the truth as you navigate through the current situations. Pay attention to messages from Spirit, from wise old owls that cross your path. You will need to think quickly and act decisively.   Very powerful changes will move you forward! Be flexible and adaptable.

 King of Raphael

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ King of Raphael

This card is being brought again to our attention. It showed up two weeks ago as well. The imperative message is to Trust. Realize that you have the ability to accomplish many things at once! Indulge your creative fancy! Follow your vision! Enrich the lives of others with gentleness and kindness. Your calmness will be a magnet, and you will influence others with your balance and foresight. Things are likely to be improving!


Overall, to connect the cards

First, there are men in each of the cards, so we will be tapping into our masculine side, and at the same time the feminine is also in balance. Each man shows us how to remain firm in our growth and even though winds of change may come, we are steadfast and maintain balance. Each man is holding a key that we can carry with us this week.

In the first card we are shown a shovel. We have already done the work, dug deep into our souls, planted seeds, and yet, we are ready to do more, as any new possibility reveals itself to us.

The Page holding the kite blowing strong in the wind, helps remind us to remain playful even though we do not know which way the wind will take us. The season is changing and be prepared and HOLD ON.  

The King holds the trident which signifies authority as well as connecting to your intuition and psychic ability, creating invention and magic. Dream big dreams and expand your energy.



Iru Zora