The High Priestess ~ Druidcraft Tarot

Druidcraft High Priestess

☀ Morning Messages from My Mom! ☀ . . .🌙 HIGH PRIESTESS The Celtic High Priestess knows her place for her Divine ceremony. She stands blocking the path between two grand stones. She is the Gateway for life and for death. She is the Veil that stands between and receives messages. The crescent moon and …


The Lady ~ Druidcraft Tarot

The Empress, The Lady Druidcraft tarot

☀ Morning Messages from My Mom! ☀ . .🌸 THE LADY The Druid Lady quiets her heart in the realm of Spirit. She has nurtured a loving bond in a sacred space of time. This Great Mother is ready for birth, her hands hold abundance overflowing, with the wheat and the fruit. Within her womb …