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FULL MOON SuperMoon in ARIES October 15th / 16th 2016 Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Aries October 2016

Tonight is the full moon in Aries, October 16, 2016.  And there are many energies combining together, which can bring great change.  So, I just sketched out this reading on the fly tonight.  Here it is for you to try along with me.  Grab your tarot deck, and see what Changes will transform Your Life.

I read the article at this link, and gathered ideas from here. Enjoy!


  1.  URANUS:  What do I need to break free from?  This may come as a surprise or even a shock, since Uranus likes to strike like a lightning bolt.
  2. MARS: What definitive action do I need to take?  If we want change, then this will be an unavoidable next step.
  3. PLUTO: It is time to confront out shadows!  What do we need to purge that is no longer valid for our life purpose?
  4. ERIS: Let’s create chaos which will bring harmony.  A good chaos, like a feminine Warrior.  What do I need to uproot that is toxic in my life?
  5. MASTERY: Where does all this change lead to?  Where am I to RISE UP to fulfill my destiny and rise up to fulfill the call on my life?


Crystal Michaels.






Pisces Full Moon Tarot Spread

Pisces Full MoonToday we have the Pisces Full Moon, with the Virgo Sun!

This spread is designed to help you focus on your inner transformation.  Find out more about your own hidden dreams and how to achieve them.  This spread blends both the Pisces Dreams and the Practical Virgo Sun.  Get your favourite tarot deck and begin!

1.  Where do I need to Trust my Intuition?

2.  What are my Deepest Dreams and Desires?

3.  How do I practically achieve my dream?

4.  How can I enhance the foundation of my Life?

5.  Outcome of Following my Intuition.

Enjoy Life!


Iru Zora

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