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XIX The Yellow Brick Road

ic_yellow_roadWhen this card appears in your reading, a burst of spiritual sunshine can enlighten your mind and warm your heart. Fill the dark caverns of your psyche with the white light of divine wisdom. Create a rainbow bridge of compassion and understanding over which you can travel to meet with your fellow pilgrims on the path of life.

Rise before dawn, walk to a nearby nature sanctuary, and re-experience the wonder of the day’s rebirth. Visit the ocean and absorb the splendor of the rising or setting Sun with its orange-reddish glow in the western sky.

Light a candle, meditate in an aura of peace, and send your healing thoughts and prayers it to humanity on a multicolored beam.

Realize that you, no matter what your flaws and challenges may be, are a light to the world.


Iru Zora

Inner Child Five of Hearts

Inner Child Five of Hearts

Five of Hearts

Often, during our darkest hours, there is a need for reflection and rest,

represented in this card by the sea turtles, the calm ocean, and the crescent Moon. 

Then, suddenly, something magical can happen.

The mermaid of the Four of Hearts who experiences sorrow and hopeless feelings opens a treasure chest in the Five of Hearts,

and is offered a special Winged Heart.

She gazes at a golden pentacle at the center of this heart, a symbolic star of initiation reflecting her cosmic guiding star in the heavens.


The pentacle is the most widely revered of all esoteric symbols. Traditionally, its meaning refers to the perfection of humanity.

The pentacle can act as a spiritual protector and is connected to the mystical significance of the number 5. 

The main quality inherent in this number is that of change. 

In this card, the mermaid is experiencing a change of heart: she is healing the wounds of the past.


When change occurs in your life, especially at an emotional level, you may feel confused and vulnerable.

The changes now happening in your life are guided and protected by the seal of the golden star residing at the center of your heart.

This star is your Higher Self.

Rest assured that creativity will follow this interlude of chaos.

Don’t let the blues get you down.

Anticipate a renewal of both interpersonal and divine love.

XV The Big Bad Wolf

ic_bad_wolf 265x429

XV The Big Bad Wolf ~ Isha Lerner

When this card appears in your reading, embrace the fears, doubts, and unintegrated aspects of your psyche with open arms. Let your light shine into the darker regions of your mind. Accept yourself as a blending of higher and lower selves, a union of spiritual and material bodies. Call up your anger, jealousies, and antipathies, and transfigure them into joy, compassion, and understanding.

Where there is separation, sow harmony and togetherness. Where there is pain from mental anguish, offer heartfelt sensitivity and simple acts of kindness to friends and relatives. Reverse the pattern of lying to yourself and others. Learn to speak and live out the truth of your existence to the best our ability. ~ Isha Lerner

The Big Bad Wolf appears as today’s card. It is preparing us for the full moon on 2-22!   We are walking on our path, and then suddenly, out of the corner of our eye, the big bad wolf appears and attempts to frighten us. What hidden forces are stealing your joy? Are you avoiding seeing a truth about what is restricting you of your freedom? Are there hidden forces of negativity restraining you from achieving your full potential? The full moon will shine a light on these aspects of internal bondage.

What can be done to put “the devil” in his own place, and  so you can face your fears and carry on towards your goal?

In your heart, find a true vision of who you are, and cling to the power you have within to free yourself from any entanglement that holds you back.


Enjoy Life!



Two of Hearts

Two of Hearts

Two of Hearts

Sacred union and attraction in the feeling realm are personified by the mermaid and merman in this card. A rainbow connects and balances them. Two dolphins representing the intelligence of the universe leap over the rainbow in unison and joy. According to classical myth, the dolphin was placed among the stars as the constellation Delphinius because it played the role of matchmaker, merging the sea goddess Amphitrite with Poseidon.

This card can symbolize either two people sharing love or two aspects of a person striving for unity and wholeness. Therefore, marriage, in all its forms, is associated with this card. It is from this place of divine union that we encounter balance and integrity in the polarity of the sexes.

Two in any suit attracts the potential to regulate duality. You may be sharing your heart with another at this time, one whom you feel to be a beloved mate. This spiritual partner could be an actual lover, a friend, or a higher awakening. As you meditate on the deeper meanings of this card, remember that your own heart can be a rainbow bridge of living color and light, linking you to the source of the Divine Child within and helping you heal old wounds in the heart of a loved one.

Eight of Hearts

Eight of HeartsEight of Hearts

The infinity symbol stands for completeness. It is composed of a solar right side and a lunar left side and can denote union or balance between the sexes. In essence, it is two becoming one. Ancient mystics said this symbol indicated the presence of twin gods or goddesses. Such twins were praised as magicians, healers, and angels of fertility.
In this card, twin water spirits are uniting through the deep, transforming circle of power and change. Although their music is calm, the waves behind them ebb and flow with a rhythm of strength and force. This is represented by the eight musical notes in the shape of Winged Hearts. The blending of these opposing forces is the key to understanding personal transformation.
The number 8 is itself a sign for infinity and represents passion, sexuality, power, and regeneration. Realize that you have both male and female energies within your psyche. If each of us were to consciously use our gifts of sexuality and empowerment constructively, together we would create a safer and less destructive world.
This card asks you to find spiritual and emotional equilibrium within the realm of feelings. A profound change awaits you when you integrate a personal sense of empowerment with a serene understanding of the universal flow of life. Inner harmony can lead you to a state of divine bliss and actualize your potential as a gifted healer.

Nine of Wands

Isha Lerner Nine of WandsNine of Wands

There are times in life when we are shown the gateway to new awareness that is beyond our current boundaries or resistance. This new awareness offers another view of the world that can recapture, or open us to, the magical garden wisdom that lives within us. It is there that we may learn to master our abilities and gifts.


When the fairy on this card is ready to open the garden gate, she will discover a world of herbs, flowers, and trees that await her arrival. They will revitalize and heal her. There is an abundance of energy available to her.


The butterflies on the gatepost are the aspects of her soul that are ready for metamorphosis. She hears the garden calling, and so she peeks.


This is a wondrous time in your life when you may be exploring the secret passages of your spirit or completing an important evolutionary cycle. There is a rich and flowering place within you. You must journey there. Close your eyes and envision yourself entering the colorful and fragrant gardens of your mind and heart.

Ace of Wands

Ace of WandsAce of Wands

In this card, a magnificent soul potential in the form of a butterfly is being unveiled by two fairies. In Welsh mythology, fairies were known as the mothers or the helpers. These fairies are liberating the spiritual quality of humanity, There is a connection between the soul and the butterfly in Greek mythology. This stems from the belief that the human soul becomes a butterfly while searching for a new incarnation.


The process of transformation is extremely powerful in our lives as we search for a broad understanding of the future and a gentle surrender to the past. As we emerge from old wounds, we take on new colors and wear new wings of hope-much like the butterfly miraculously, unspiraling from the dark cocoon.


This butterfly is released into the light and is offered new conscious awareness. This may very well be happening in your life right now. The butterfly is an essential emblem of love, suggesting, in China, a wedding of souls. This winged gift is a reminder today that love, soul unity, and art are fluttering into your life.


An inspired rebirth is taking place. It is time to reveal your true colors. The flight has begun.