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XIX The Yellow Brick Road

ic_yellow_roadWhen this card appears in your reading, a burst of spiritual sunshine can enlighten your mind and warm your heart. Fill the dark caverns of your psyche with the white light of divine wisdom. Create a rainbow bridge of compassion and understanding over which you can travel to meet with your fellow pilgrims on the path of life.

Rise before dawn, walk to a nearby nature sanctuary, and re-experience the wonder of the day’s rebirth. Visit the ocean and absorb the splendor of the rising or setting Sun with its orange-reddish glow in the western sky.

Light a candle, meditate in an aura of peace, and send your healing thoughts and prayers it to humanity on a multicolored beam.

Realize that you, no matter what your flaws and challenges may be, are a light to the world.


Iru Zora

Nine of Wands

Isha Lerner Nine of WandsNine of Wands

There are times in life when we are shown the gateway to new awareness that is beyond our current boundaries or resistance. This new awareness offers another view of the world that can recapture, or open us to, the magical garden wisdom that lives within us. It is there that we may learn to master our abilities and gifts.


When the fairy on this card is ready to open the garden gate, she will discover a world of herbs, flowers, and trees that await her arrival. They will revitalize and heal her. There is an abundance of energy available to her.


The butterflies on the gatepost are the aspects of her soul that are ready for metamorphosis. She hears the garden calling, and so she peeks.


This is a wondrous time in your life when you may be exploring the secret passages of your spirit or completing an important evolutionary cycle. There is a rich and flowering place within you. You must journey there. Close your eyes and envision yourself entering the colorful and fragrant gardens of your mind and heart.