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XIX The Yellow Brick Road

ic_yellow_roadWhen this card appears in your reading, a burst of spiritual sunshine can enlighten your mind and warm your heart. Fill the dark caverns of your psyche with the white light of divine wisdom. Create a rainbow bridge of compassion and understanding over which you can travel to meet with your fellow pilgrims on the path of life.

Rise before dawn, walk to a nearby nature sanctuary, and re-experience the wonder of the day’s rebirth. Visit the ocean and absorb the splendor of the rising or setting Sun with its orange-reddish glow in the western sky.

Light a candle, meditate in an aura of peace, and send your healing thoughts and prayers it to humanity on a multicolored beam.

Realize that you, no matter what your flaws and challenges may be, are a light to the world.


Iru Zora

Weekly Oracle Reading by Doreen Virtue for April 13 to 19, 2015

This will be a powerful, pivotal, and intense week. The energy is now perfectly supportive of new projects based upon divinely guided ideas.


You are in a phase of completion, and are being promoted to a new level with a new divine assignment. You’re being pushed to move on. However, the ego is threatened by change, and so it may try to lower your self-confidence. Don’t buy into this fear, as it’s a waste of your time and energy, and it may have you miss-out on this golden opportunity time right now.


If you can stay positive and keep your confidence high (confidence in God working through you is a very healthy approach), then you will be receiving recognition and you’ll be celebrating this week.


For this week’s reading, Doreen is working with the Guardian Angel Oracle Cards this week.